The Drill Hall Sandwich


We’ve always scrutinised our choices when it comes to waste and our impact on the world!

We use only compostable consumables and all of our waste is composted and turned into electricity or put to use elsewhere.
We are a zero landfill business!


In March of 2022, we took the next step on our journey, joining with out customers to create a positive story together with Gift Tree.

Bills over £30 will have an optional charity donation of £1.23 added.

This donation will be used to plant trees in developing countries, but also aid to:

🌱Counterbalance Co2 Emissions
🌱Repair ecosystems
🌱Help end hunger
🌱Provide income
🌱Deliver education


How many trees we've planted together to date...

The_Drill_Hall_11118 (1) (1).jpg
Sustainably_Run_11 (1).jpg

After only one month of working together!

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